Where to Buy Your Dexter Beef

Browse our map to find a product that is traceable, labelled with a registered trademark and produced by some of the very best small beef herds in the country. Delicious Pedigree Dexter Beef is a outstanding quality product and tastes as beef used to taste.

Please contact the producer prior to visiting. Please print off the list of Dexter Beef producers

To find a supplier of delicious Dexter Beef below simply input your current location and select a mileage radius from the dropdown tab if you cannot find a supplier nearby, extend the mileage radius.

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      Buy with confidence. Look for this mark to ensure it’s Pedigree Dexter Beef.

      We have a registered certification mark for our Pedigree Dexter beef. No one can call their meat Dexter Beef unless it is from registered or birth notified Dexter Cattle.