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Dexter Beef for the Consumer

Pedigree Dexter beef, which comes in smaller family sized joints and cuts, cooks superbly because of the excellent marbling and eats like a dream. Delicious Pedigree Dexter Beef is a outstanding quality product and tastes as beef used to taste. Dexter beef appears regularly on TV cooking programmes, is available across the country, is the best beef around yet is still little known.

Dexter Beef in the Media

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Find Pedigree Dexter Beef Sellers

Use our searchable map and put a delicious traceable beef joint on your table. Sellers on this map can call their meat Dexter Beef as it is from registered or birth notified Dexter Cattle and carries our registered certification mark.

Certification Mark

We have a registered European Certification Mark for our Pedigree Dexter beef.

‘Make sure if you buy meat ensure it is labeled Dexter Beef rather than beef from Dexter cattle’ – says Bulletin editor Chris Sparrow