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Dexter News & Events

Normal Dexter Cattle Society office hours will be 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday each week.

Dexter Cattle Shows

Listing Animals for Sale/Hire/AI

We are pleased to let you know that you can now list animals which you have for sale/hire/AI on the online Herd Book. To use this facility please login to ‘Manage your Herd’ and you will be able to update the status of your animals to show this. Please be aware that you will need to have signed a GDPR form or ticked the GDPR consent box online otherwise other members will not be able to view your contact details to get in touch. We hope you will find this facility useful, particularly during these challenging times.

Photo Competition

I hope all members are keeping well in these trying times. As most of you will already be aware most shows including the Three Counties, where the National Show was to be held, are cancelled. The Society is planning to have a photographic competition with the winning entry taking pride of place on the front cover of next year’s herd book.

The categories will be:
Class 1 – CALF under 12 months
Class 2 – HEIFER aged between 12 and 18 months
Class 3 – HEIFER over 18 months
Class 4 – HEIFER in milk
Class 5 – COW in milk
Class 6 – COW dry
Class 7 – BULL born in 2019
Class 8 – BULL born before 2019
Class 10 – PAIR OF COWS
Class 12 – A humorous snap!

When you are out checking your stock please take your camera (probably that’s a bit old fashioned and should be mobile phone) and get snapping.

All entries to be emailed to the Society office before the closing date of 4th September 2020. Please include your membership number/prefix with your entry and could all photographs be sent in a . jpg format. Please also state which class number the entry is for and the Herd Book/Registration number of the animal/s.

All photographs must be taken in 2020, with the winner to be announced at hopefully this year’s AGM… Stephen Adcock

The Greatest Online Agricultural Show

RBST is running the rare breed classes at ‘The Greatest Online Agricultural Show’. The show will be taking place on Saturday 2nd May via the dedicated website The Online Agricultural Show

Show organiser David Hill said: “The objective is to have a bit of fun while the country remains on lockdown, we can showcase our industry and raise some money for worthy causes; It is purely for fun and nothing else!”

Dexter Beef Scheme

We would like to remind our members about the Dexter Beef Certification Scheme.
Membership of the Scheme will give you website promotion here as well as a presence in the Herd/Year Book.

The Society has a duty of care to ensure that all our Beef Certification Scheme members are aware that they must:

  • Be a fully paid up Dexter Cattle Society member
  • Be a fully paid up Beef Certification Mark Scheme member
  • Only use the labels in conjunction with fully registered or birth notified Dexter stock according to the regulations
  • Be aware that they may be inspected at any time by the independent Dexter Beef Certification Mark Scheme Verifier
  • On receipt of the Beef Scheme Membership Fee (£10 + Vat per annum) the office will issue a Certificate of Compliance.  Where possible this will be emailed but copies can also be posted out if necessary.

We do have a limited stock of blank Beef Labels, which we are more than happy to supply for the cost of postage. In the future these labels will be available in an emailed PDF format, so that they can be printed by individual members.

Please remember that all animals being labelled with the Dexter Beef Certification Mark must be transferred into your membership with the Society and the office must be informed when the animal is slaughtered.

Call for Dexter Beef Marketing Content

Finally, please let the office know details of any restaurants, butchers or suppliers of Dexter beef. It would be great to do press articles promoting local successes. Also details of suppliers or manufacturers of chill box packaging etc or anything you know would useful to other members or prospective beef suppliers. Council would very much appreciate any feedback or constructive comments that you may have to further promote and drive this Dexter Beef Certification Mark Scheme forward. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Calf Registration Deadline Extended

Please note you will now have 45 days from birth to register calves before incurring additional charges rather than 30. This has been done to take the pressure off members when registering calves and also to help reduce postage costs for the Society as hopefully members will be able to register more calves together, allowing certificates to be posted together too (N.B. you will still need to notify BCMS within 27 days of birth).

Note Regarding Transfer Fees

Due to some recent enquires we wanted to reiterate why the transfer fee became payable by the vendor in January 2019:

The integrity of the Dexter Herd Book is paramount and it is vital that the Society office is notified of any sales, transfers etc., and we rely on members informing us of the movements.

So that a certificate can be printed in the name of the new owner, whether they are a member or not. This is particularly important in cases of TB for instance, if the animal is not registered in the new owners name they cannot claim compensation.

So that we can contact the new owner if they are a non member, many then choose to become a member which is obviously of benefit to the Society.

In such case of an insurance claim for pedigree animals, many insurance policies require a copy of the animal’s pedigree certificate, in the name of the policy holder.

I trust that this clarifies the situation and that members will understand why this decision was made, for the benefit of all members and the integrity of the Dexter Cattle Society.

Andy Ryder
(Society Company Secretary)

Dexter Cattle Society – Pedigree Certificates

With regard to some recent comments relating to the new style pedigree certificates, firstly, I can confirm that the new layout and design was passed by the Trustees before being initiated.  The new style was discussed at the Society’s General Meeting in June 2018.

The new certificates have been introduced, primarily to conform to the need to be able to print, if necessary, individual “Zootechnical” certificates now required under EU legislation.  This would not have been possible with the old style certificate, as these were pre-printed and obviously did not allow for any alterations without the need to re-print at considerable cost.

The new style certificates are more economical to produce and are now in line with the style and layout of many other cattle breeds.

Registration and Bull Service

Please download your Registration and Bull Service form, for members convenience to print off and fill in, then email back to or post to the office at The Dexter Cattle Society, Holme House, Dale, Ainstable, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA4 9RH

Please download here

Dexter Cattle Shows

Please visit the Shows & Sales page for up to date information.

In Memoriam

8th February 2019

Council wish to inform members of the sad passing of Michael Neilson. Michael passed away earlier this week after a long illness bravely borne.
Michael has been a mainstay of the Society over many years and has worked unnoticed and unstintingly for the improvement and betterment of the Breed. The Chairman and Trustees, together with members of the Dexter Cattle Society wish to extend our heartfelt sympathies to Carol and family.