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Dexter News & Events

Normal Dexter Cattle Society office hours will be 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday each week.

Dexter Cattle Shows

The 2021 Virtual Photographic Competition

The Society is running the photographic competition again this year due to very few shows running in 2021.  The winning entry will take pride of place on the front cover of next year’s herd book.

The categories will be:

CALF Under 12 months
HEIFER Aged between 12 and 18 months
HEIFER over 18 months
HEIFER In milk
COW In milk
BULL Born in 2020
BULL Born before 2020
and lastly a humorous snap!

So please when you are out checking your stock take your camera and get snapping.

Please could you email all entries to the Society office before the closing date of 5th September 2021 with the winner to be announced at this year’s AGM…   Stephen Adcock

Beef Lecture – 11th July 2021 – Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

First ever detailed Dexter Beef Analysis is being revealed exclusively to DCS members before anyone else. Doctor Sarah Morgan performed this biochemical research under the direction of Professor Michael Lee, one of the acknowledged global leaders in grass only fed ruminant research, based at the world’s oldest and largest research farm at Rothampstead, Okehampton, Devon. We are privileged that Dr. Morgan will give the lecture herself. She is a Welsh farmer’s daughter. This inaugural lecture will at last unlock the secrets of Dexter meat that will justify the long held belief by breeders and consumers alike that Dexter meat has a unique and distinctive flavour. Not only that but you will discover that this grass only fed meat has vital minerals, vitamins and fats essential in a balanced human diet. Furthermore it is a sustainable product that has an important role in global food security.

The event starts at 12 noon with coffee and biscuits. Limit of 100 tickets – due to Covid restrictions. The cost is £25 which includes lunch and attendance at the lecture.

The 2020 Virtual Photographic Competition Results

See the Champions here (PDF)

See more results here (PDF) 

In Memoriam

The Dexter Cattle Society would like to send our condolences to the family and friends of Roy Churchill from Rodborough, a longstanding member of the Society, who recently passed away at the age of 90. We would also like to express our gratitude for the kind donations sent to the Society in memory of Roy.

Roy Churchill was a true English gentleman, a private man who lived the simple way of life and for the last thirty years was devoted to his Dexters.
I first met Roy when he was thinking of keeping them, he told me his land was tired of sheep and he needed to change his grazing policy. At the time I didn’t have much to offer him but promised I would make enquires and try to find three or four for him to consider. I found some in Oxfordshire and made arrangements for Roy and myself to go and look at them, I took the trailer just in case and Roy came home highly delighted with four Dexters.

We became instant friends and Roy’s way of life was to barter, money rarely changed hands and for nigh on thirty years he always used my bulls.
Roy was laid to rest on a lovely day on his own land with his beloved Dexters happily grazing nearby. Roy had chosen the highest spot tucked under the edge of the wood leading up to Rodborough Forte.

His final resting place was so prefect for Roy, a quiet peaceful place that would only be shared with his beloved Dexters. It took some twenty minutes to reach the chosen spot and to welcome us was straw bales that we old ones could collapse on and enjoy the wonderful views across the valley and beyond.

A tractor came into view making its very slow journey upwards, it finally arrived carrying Roy’s coffin on a trailer and to everyone’s surprise the wreath that was almost the length of the coffin was made of vegetables which brought a smile from everyone. Roy loved his garden and lived the old simple way of life, if you couldn’t grow it you didn’t have it! It was a perfect farewell to a private country gentle man and an honour to be his chosen friend.

Dan his son who had been a great help to his father over the years is going to take over “The Rodborough Herd” best of luck Dan and I hope you enjoy them as much as your Dad xxx

Written by Pam Weaver

Farm Matters Software

Do you use a Farm Software programme? Want to save time on your record keeping? The Farm Matters programme offers: Accurate record management, cross compliance and well as sending off your registrations seamlessly to the Dexter Cattle Society and BCMS in one action.
Follow this link to read more:

Farm Matters Testimonial Testimonial by Jo Kemp – Breoch Herd

Dexter Advert – Farm Matters (PDF)

Dexter Cattle Shows

Please visit the Shows & Sales page for up to date information on show cancellations.

Listing Animals for Sale/Hire/AI

We are pleased to let you know that you can now list animals which you have for sale/hire/AI on the online Herd Book. To use this facility please login to ‘Manage your Herd’ and you will be able to update the status of your animals to show this. Please be aware that you will need to have signed a GDPR form or ticked the GDPR consent box online otherwise other members will not be able to view your contact details to get in touch. We hope you will find this facility useful, particularly during these challenging times.

Dexter Beef Scheme

We would like to remind our members about the Dexter Beef Certification Scheme.
Membership of the Scheme will give you website promotion here as well as a presence in the Herd/Year Book.

The Society has a duty of care to ensure that all our Beef Certification Scheme members are aware that they must:

  • Be a fully paid up Dexter Cattle Society member
  • Be a fully paid up Beef Certification Mark Scheme member
  • Only use the labels in conjunction with fully registered or birth notified Dexter stock according to the regulations
  • Be aware that they may be inspected at any time by the independent Dexter Beef Certification Mark Scheme Verifier
  • On receipt of the Beef Scheme Membership Fee (£10 + Vat per annum) the office will issue a Certificate of Compliance.  Where possible this will be emailed but copies can also be posted out if necessary.

We do have a limited stock of blank Beef Labels, which we are more than happy to supply for the cost of postage. In the future these labels will be available in an emailed PDF format, so that they can be printed by individual members.

Please remember that all animals being labelled with the Dexter Beef Certification Mark must be transferred into your membership with the Society and the office must be informed when the animal is slaughtered.

Call for Dexter Beef Marketing Content

Finally, please let the office know details of any restaurants, butchers or suppliers of Dexter beef. It would be great to do press articles promoting local successes. Also details of suppliers or manufacturers of chill box packaging etc or anything you know would useful to other members or prospective beef suppliers. Council would very much appreciate any feedback or constructive comments that you may have to further promote and drive this Dexter Beef Certification Mark Scheme forward. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Calf Registration Deadline Extended

Please note you will now have 45 days from birth to register calves before incurring additional charges rather than 30. This has been done to take the pressure off members when registering calves and also to help reduce postage costs for the Society as hopefully members will be able to register more calves together, allowing certificates to be posted together too (N.B. you will still need to notify BCMS within 27 days of birth).

Note Regarding Transfer Fees

Due to some recent enquires we wanted to reiterate why the transfer fee became payable by the vendor in January 2019:

The integrity of the Dexter Herd Book is paramount and it is vital that the Society office is notified of any sales, transfers etc., and we rely on members informing us of the movements.

So that a certificate can be printed in the name of the new owner, whether they are a member or not. This is particularly important in cases of TB for instance, if the animal is not registered in the new owners name they cannot claim compensation.

So that we can contact the new owner if they are a non member, many then choose to become a member which is obviously of benefit to the Society.

In such case of an insurance claim for pedigree animals, many insurance policies require a copy of the animal’s pedigree certificate, in the name of the policy holder.

I trust that this clarifies the situation and that members will understand why this decision was made, for the benefit of all members and the integrity of the Dexter Cattle Society.

Andy Ryder
(Society Company Secretary)